Ben Woolman: Fingerstyle Guitar


Private Lessons

Ben currently teaches private fingerstyle guitar lessons at his home studio in St. Paul, MN. He works with students who are just beginning to pick (introducing alternating bass patterns, chord melodies, alternate tunings, etc.) on up to advanced level students who are developing compositions, arrangements, and learning some of the most significant fingerstyle guitar repertoire available today.

Contact Ben directly for more info regarding his teaching method, lesson rates and availability.

Student Testimonials

"Ben was able to take my basic skills and start me right away with some interesting finger-style pieces. After a year of lessons I am amazed at how much great music I've learned to play. Ben layers the skill development so well from one piece to the next so that you don't really notice how much and how steadily you are improving. You just think you're playing great music."

- Tom Clark (student)

"After nearly 30 years of letting my guitar gather dust in the basement, Ben helped bring back the joy of playing and provides an environment that gives me a lot of incentive to work and to grow in the types of music I play.  Taking lessons from a professional musician is a rare opportunity and privilege.  Ben has been great to work with and is constantly introducing me to new music, new musicians and new styles that are continuously challenging and interesting. I’m enjoying music more now than I ever have."

- Dan Cullen (student)